Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment Policy

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and U.S. government credit cards. For credit card users, charges will be in the currency of the country where the class takes place and will be converted by your credit card company. IT Professional is not responsible for fluctuations due to exchange rates. Prepayment is required from students outside the U.S. Pricing, registration terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

IT Professional reserves the right to change pricing, registration terms and conditions, to make changes to any of our products or programs described on this website or cancel a course at any time without notice or liability. IT Professional's sole liability will be limited to the refunding of any fees paid in respect of the course, and IT Professional shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential loss arising whatsoever. IT Professional will endeavor to give enrollees as much advance notice as possible of any change to their enrollment. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any terms or conditions specified on or referenced within an ordering document shall have no force or effect, and in no event shall IT Professional's performance of services or provision of products constitute acceptance of any such terms or conditions.

Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs)

Local "Terms of Usage" established by the Microsoft® Learning Partners apply.

The company participating in the Software Assurance Enrollment under which the vouchers were created has the ability to revoke or unreserve this benefits before the cancellation date.

Any course days not covered by the voucher will need to be paid for by the person receiving the training. Any voucher days more than the amount of the course will be returned to the pool of benefit days available to be assigned by the benefit administrator.

The voucher is only redeemable for days of instructor-led training at a Microsoft Learning Partner and only for courses on the list available within the Software Assurance Training Voucher program.

These vouchers are nontransferable. Vouchers may only be redeemed by the individual they have been assigned to. Authentication of the training recipient is required at the time of registration and is accomplished by the customer providing IT Professional with the voucher number and email address of the individual to whom the voucher was assigned.

Vouchers may not be exchanged for cash, monies, or other valuable considerations.

The voucher will expire six months (180 days) from issue date. Vouchers may be used to reserve training at only one Microsoft Learning Partner at a time.

The Microsoft Learning Partner reserves the right to cancel a class according to local cancellation policy.

In the event of cancellation by the student, IT Professional will invoice the customer directly for any charges due to no-show or late cancellations according to the cancellation policy set forth above.